Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2 days

It is now about 2 more days until a certain someone is a full fledged adult =) I wonder who. It will all be released soon, so watch out!

Well Spain is now out too!! Taken out by France. Moh there goes my secondary team. I still say go Germany for JP and now hmm...I dunno anymore.

I think I am going to send a hero message to the team. It is still open because everyone still loves our Socceroos. I will forever remember how they made everyone stand up and notice them. They played with passion and had the heart to go even further. You guys are awesome!

Late this arvo I watched 'Cars.' I watched mainly because my parents and I went with my little nephew Isaiah. The story line is actually suited to older audiences, but it was a sweet, cute movie.

<--- And Lightning Mcqueen voiced by Owen Wilson learns an important lesson. Hehe

I'm looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Oohhh should be good. I love Johnny Depp.

Anyway, thats all from me!!


Blogger Jan-Peter said...

Haha, yeah! Go Germany! :)

5:40 am  
Blogger Jan-Peter said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:40 am  
Blogger olynxes said...

Hey chica, woo portugal beat england just like I wanted hahahha and FRANCE beat Brazil... YESSSSSSS!! The party was awesome chica, thank you so much for everything! luv u much much... will try to update my blog soon

8:20 pm  

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