Wednesday, June 21, 2006



I have finished uni for the semester! Pretty excited! Had my last exam this morning at 8am. Glad it is over for now, I was so over it!

Anyway, these next few weekends are pretty busy. I have already had a 21st with a madams and mafia theme. Coming up is another one this weekend, but really casual. On the first of July I have 2 engagements and a 21st!! Kind of weird that it happens all on one weekend. Then the next weekend is an18th! Pretty busy, but thats fine now that I am free from uni for 4 weeks!!

Oh by the way, Australia played a great game against Brazil. Though they lost, but that is alright I hope they win against Croatia. Might get up to watch the game. If I can get up at 3am to watch the second half of the Aus vs Bra match I'm sure I can get up at 5am.

Patrick Davis spoke at my youth last sat night.He is absolutely inspirational and he has been through some very tough times. But now he is an awesome christian and man of God and he raps too. He is this American guy who has been through things most of us could not even imagine. Check him out at

Well thats all from me


Blogger olynxes said...

Woo go chica... so lucky 4 weeks off.. I wish I had 4 weeks off. Anyhoos, can't wait to see you again - hehe next week :O it's so close already. It's gonna be an awesome night!

10:07 am  
Blogger Jan-Peter said...

Lucky you! Four weeks off, that's so mean, cause as you start your holidays, I start my project at uni. Project = much work = less time to spend elsewhere = :(

Ohhhh and I got your letter, thanks so much!

Go the Aussies tonight!!

1:11 am  

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