Monday, July 31, 2006

What's been happenin?!

It is now my 2nd week of uni and it seems as though it will be busier than last semester. More workload and harder subjects. So far it seems alright and I am trying to listen and do work. =)

On the friday that has gone past I went to SHE (Shaping Her Earth) at my church Citipointe. It was a great night with women discussing issues, loving God and raising money for Cambodia. My church has an orphanage there and are helping rescue girls in prostitution. They are building a place for them to go. It is wonderful being around such inspirational women.

Then on the Saturday I went to Underwater World with my bro Alvin, our friend Jess, my nephew Isaiah and Alvin's godson Amor. It was pretty full on trying to look after these boys. Two 5 year olds running around. There were many types of interesting fish and I was able to watch the feeding of the stingrays, the sharks were awesome, the seals cute and clever and the smart little otters. Was a fun day even with the short attention span of 5 year olds. Here are a few pics of the day.

This is my nephew Isaiah and me with a car fishtank. It's pretty cool its a car revamped into a fishtank. You can't really tell in this photo though.

This is a fish tank at the end of Underwater World it is the gift shop behind it. There is a slight glare in the photo. The fish are pretty and it is so relaxing to lie down and watch the fish. I did that as they have bean bags you can lie on. Soo relaxing after having to look after two 5 year olds.

This is just me posing with the fish. I can never make these pictures look good. Soo annoying. lol.

Well I guess that is all from me. I wanted to put more but I will do that next time.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Thoughts and pictures

I can now post my pics of my room. There are before and after shots.

This is the before photo of one wall of my room.

This is what it looks like now. You can't really tell the colour but it is a really pale pink. It was painted over a pale lilac because it was painted that colour first but my brother forgot that they already bought the pink one.

This is my wall with the door. It has bad lighting again.

And the painted version. This one is a lot more noticable. And the picture is a lot clearer to =)

My wall with the most stuff against it. The desk and bookcase.

The newly painted wall with my stuff =)

I haven't changed my furniture and I have only moved them around a little bit. I have changed placement of some of my photos and I am trying to add other ones and trying to fix it all up. My other project is to change the study and make it look better. I have decided to make it my 2nd room. It does have my wardrobe so why not?!

Anyway, some other thoughts in my mind was how truly blessed I am. I have a wonderful family, awesome friends and boyfriend and I really can't complain about anything in my life. I have started to read stories of people who have had so many struggles and I realise that my life is bliss compared to theirs. Of course I still have my own stuggles and trials but God has truly blessed me richly.


P.S. 2 days til Jase comes back =) Yay!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not doing anything

These past 2 weeks I have pretty much done nothing. Since Jase left for Bathurst I have spent my days, going on the computer, reading, watching dvds and doing crafts. It has been relaxing although bit lonely too =(

Next week uni starts again and I think this semester will be a lot more full on judging by my subjects. Three of them are 3rd years subjects and I am in 2nd year. Anyway, hopefully I will be a model student and do my assigments right away and study for my exams at least a week (if possible) before instead of the night before. Although I am getting better with exams as I have started studying a few days before now.

My room is fully painted my older bro painted it for me. It looks awesome. I will post before and after pics later as I am on the laptop in my room (!) and my photos are on the comp in the study. Kind of exciting having a laptop (not mine, its Alvin's). Shows how much socialising I have been doing these past 2 weeks seeing as I am getting excited about a laptop.

I will also post some pics of the projects I have been doing and again they are on the other comp so won't be in this post. But if you want to see some photos and stuff go to my

Anyway I will stop my babbling and leave you all in peace.


P.S. Miss u Jason!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

1 year!

Jason and I had our 1 year on Sunday 9/7/06. We went to church first of course, then after we gave each other our presents. He got me a ghd!!! Yew! So awesome! And he made me the sweetest thing on the comp, so very cute. Anyway, we drove out to Redcliffe for lunch. We ate at Hogs breath Cafe (haha all the way to redcliffe to eat at a place we can eat in brisbane) We both had prime rib steak. Ohhh so good. Large meal but I was able to chug my way through most of it =) (haha laughing at thara who would look at me knowingly concerning food) Then we went for a walk along the pier and took photos. It was a beautiful day. Lovely sunshine and it was just a gorgeous day.

At night we went to church again and then after we ate my fave KFC chicken nuggets and watched a bit of the first Pirates of the Caribbean that was on tv that night. But alas it all came to an end as Jason had to pack for Bathurst. He left me to go to Bathurst for 2 weeks to visit his dad and fam. Sigh. Why he has to go now when there are only 2 more weeks of hols and he gets back just as I start uni again. Phooey=(

But it was a great day and I love him heaps! Mwa Jase!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Indoor Soccer Champs!

Jason's indoor soccer team won their off season tournament last night yay!! I know the guys are stoked and it was a good game. So I say congrats to them and Jason has won his first sporting medal! He is feeling very proud right now. You did a great job! mwa!

I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. It was awesome! Of course as it always is. And if you want to know something, wait until all the credits are finished. There is a tiny bit at the very end. Oh Johnny Depp is fantastic as Jack Sparrow as always =) But I don't want to give anymore away! =P

3 Days away!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Germany out!

I just want to make a post about how bummed I am tha Germany lost to Italy this morning in extra time. I know how you feel guys!! So I want to give a shout out to JP and say It's ok you guys played well and Italy just happened to get through (again) Sigh. But here is a BIG hug to you JP and all the Germans!! *Hugs*

Well tonight is the decider for State of Origin. Of course I want the blues to win, but in my heart I think I am still partial to the maroons =) Mainly because I have lived most of my life in Queensland but I was born in NSW so I technically am meant to go for them. Last game they were pretty much slaughtered, but who knows tonight????

Also got my uni results back. They were alright. I am glad I passed one of the subjects I was freaking out about, but yeh all good now I am feeling fine =)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Thara's 21st was awesome! It was really lovely. Mixed with traditional filo items it made the night enjoyable!! Thara looked fantastic. She danced and sung well as always =) By the end of the night she was very Happy Thara! And made friends with the bar boy Danny hahaha! It was quite funny. Overall it was a great night. Can't wait to see the photos taken on Thara's camera. There were a lot of random ones taken by Jerry and Huong! Sorry if there a lot of pics of me Thara!! Your probly wondering where they all came from =p

On friday night, I went with some people from church to Southbank. We ate dinner first then watched the 9:30 session of Superman Returns. It was packed of course and it was long. But the movie was cute and sweet. As Clark Kent he is such a cute nerd. It was better than I expected. Mainly because it's different seeing another actor playing Superman.

Anyway, it is like 6 days til my 1 year with Jason. So that is exciting. Then he is leaving for Bathurst on Monday =( Moh. Hopefully I will have my photos downloaded from Thara's and have a few on here.