Tuesday, July 11, 2006

1 year!

Jason and I had our 1 year on Sunday 9/7/06. We went to church first of course, then after we gave each other our presents. He got me a ghd!!! Yew! So awesome! And he made me the sweetest thing on the comp, so very cute. Anyway, we drove out to Redcliffe for lunch. We ate at Hogs breath Cafe (haha all the way to redcliffe to eat at a place we can eat in brisbane) We both had prime rib steak. Ohhh so good. Large meal but I was able to chug my way through most of it =) (haha laughing at thara who would look at me knowingly concerning food) Then we went for a walk along the pier and took photos. It was a beautiful day. Lovely sunshine and it was just a gorgeous day.

At night we went to church again and then after we ate my fave KFC chicken nuggets and watched a bit of the first Pirates of the Caribbean that was on tv that night. But alas it all came to an end as Jason had to pack for Bathurst. He left me to go to Bathurst for 2 weeks to visit his dad and fam. Sigh. Why he has to go now when there are only 2 more weeks of hols and he gets back just as I start uni again. Phooey=(

But it was a great day and I love him heaps! Mwa Jase!


Anonymous x_joku_x said...

Hey Hey!! i just read your comment on lynx's blog =] one year ay.. that is a long time.. Congratulations!!! next thing you'll be married and then... KIDS!!! I'd like to see that lil Jason or Gracie running around! Well seems like you guys had fun.. Awesome.. Which comes to think of it I was watching POC too.. and at the same time u guys were watching it too.. Cool huh.. lol anyways sleep time. Congratulations again.. Can’t wait for the next year =]

10:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow one year already? Time flies! Congratulations!! So great that you two are happy together! :D

10:57 pm  
Blogger olynxes said...

Awwww how sweet chica loool... and just a comment about the food... of course you could chug through it - like I always said... YOU'RE STOMACH IS A BOTTOMLESS PIT!! lool It's really great you guys have made it this far, I couldn't have imagined anyone better for my chica, and for my chico ^_^ yew! (lol i had to try it once) mwa chica.

ps johno is lame lol

6:32 am  
Anonymous x_joku_x said...

pfft!! ur lamer for goin out w/ me so MER!!! ;P.. hi gracie ^^

10:03 pm  
Anonymous Jason said...

haha your all lame compared to me and G :) nah just jokes your all awesome friends. Gracie, just letting you know i miss you lots while im here in bathurst, and i cant wait till i come back so i can see you again :)

and i cant wait for lil jasies and gracies running around. lol it will be hilarious i recon. but yeh, im off love you lots baby girl. your the besterest!!


5:50 pm  

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