Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Germany out!

I just want to make a post about how bummed I am tha Germany lost to Italy this morning in extra time. I know how you feel guys!! So I want to give a shout out to JP and say It's ok you guys played well and Italy just happened to get through (again) Sigh. But here is a BIG hug to you JP and all the Germans!! *Hugs*

Well tonight is the decider for State of Origin. Of course I want the blues to win, but in my heart I think I am still partial to the maroons =) Mainly because I have lived most of my life in Queensland but I was born in NSW so I technically am meant to go for them. Last game they were pretty much slaughtered, but who knows tonight????

Also got my uni results back. They were alright. I am glad I passed one of the subjects I was freaking out about, but yeh all good now I am feeling fine =)


Anonymous Jason said...

Nooooo!!! NSW lost. So bummed :( I'm surprised QLD still remember what a victory is, since we've held the cup for the last three years :P Moh well, sitting here trying to make you something for sunday, and stuck as exactly what to do. Too many half ideas, not enough great ones. I'll keep trying don't worry. Mwa love you :) xoxo

P.S. tears for NSW :(

12:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're not out. Not at all! We won our last game! We are the winner. We played the best and fairest matches. And nobody thought that we'd get that far in the first place. And we had the best World Cup ever in our home country. GERMANY!!! :)

7:38 pm  

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