Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not doing anything

These past 2 weeks I have pretty much done nothing. Since Jase left for Bathurst I have spent my days, going on the computer, reading, watching dvds and doing crafts. It has been relaxing although bit lonely too =(

Next week uni starts again and I think this semester will be a lot more full on judging by my subjects. Three of them are 3rd years subjects and I am in 2nd year. Anyway, hopefully I will be a model student and do my assigments right away and study for my exams at least a week (if possible) before instead of the night before. Although I am getting better with exams as I have started studying a few days before now.

My room is fully painted my older bro painted it for me. It looks awesome. I will post before and after pics later as I am on the laptop in my room (!) and my photos are on the comp in the study. Kind of exciting having a laptop (not mine, its Alvin's). Shows how much socialising I have been doing these past 2 weeks seeing as I am getting excited about a laptop.

I will also post some pics of the projects I have been doing and again they are on the other comp so won't be in this post. But if you want to see some photos and stuff go to my

Anyway I will stop my babbling and leave you all in peace.


P.S. Miss u Jason!!


Blogger Jan-Peter said...

Funny: In my letter (finally sent last week!) I was asking about the room :) Guess it's really nice now! :) ~ JP

9:40 pm  

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