Monday, July 31, 2006

What's been happenin?!

It is now my 2nd week of uni and it seems as though it will be busier than last semester. More workload and harder subjects. So far it seems alright and I am trying to listen and do work. =)

On the friday that has gone past I went to SHE (Shaping Her Earth) at my church Citipointe. It was a great night with women discussing issues, loving God and raising money for Cambodia. My church has an orphanage there and are helping rescue girls in prostitution. They are building a place for them to go. It is wonderful being around such inspirational women.

Then on the Saturday I went to Underwater World with my bro Alvin, our friend Jess, my nephew Isaiah and Alvin's godson Amor. It was pretty full on trying to look after these boys. Two 5 year olds running around. There were many types of interesting fish and I was able to watch the feeding of the stingrays, the sharks were awesome, the seals cute and clever and the smart little otters. Was a fun day even with the short attention span of 5 year olds. Here are a few pics of the day.

This is my nephew Isaiah and me with a car fishtank. It's pretty cool its a car revamped into a fishtank. You can't really tell in this photo though.

This is a fish tank at the end of Underwater World it is the gift shop behind it. There is a slight glare in the photo. The fish are pretty and it is so relaxing to lie down and watch the fish. I did that as they have bean bags you can lie on. Soo relaxing after having to look after two 5 year olds.

This is just me posing with the fish. I can never make these pictures look good. Soo annoying. lol.

Well I guess that is all from me. I wanted to put more but I will do that next time.



Anonymous Jason said...

Whoa you're a hotty! If you don't already have a boyfriend, I would love to ask you out :P haha looks like you had fun, pretty soon you'll have your own little critters to look after (but not too soon) :O

And as pretty as those fish are, they are no where near as pretty as you! haha so corny but so good :D

bye baby love you xoxoxo

8:33 pm  

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