Monday, August 28, 2006


It's been a week since my last post. Thats long for me. I have done a few things and have been quite busy.

I had my first day at work last friday. And on the Sunday I had an event at the sister church to my church. It was alright. I got some photos of me in uniform. Kind of. Jason tried taking some. So here they are.
Thats me and my bro before anything has started. We werent really posing. Jason happened to take a photo then.

Also it is still a draught here. So yesterday it was a day to pray for rain. Many churches were involved and the Premier and Lord Major were encouraging it. So anyway, early this morning we get this wonderful downpour of rain. It was such a welcome sound and I believe it is because we all prayed. God is great!

I also tried to make some earrings for a swap I am participating in at Swap-bot. So I will put a photo of them up as well.
So here they are. Very basic but I do like them and the photo isnt the clearest. And they are being sent off anyway. It is a girly box swap. It is fun participating so far. And can't wait to receive my items!

I went to a housewarming/birthday. It was typically filo in terms of food and such. It was a dress up for the younger ones and my cute little nephews wore wearing a basketball/kinda homey style. So adorable. Here's a photo of them too!
They are so sweet and cute. I love em heaps! They are great little boys.

Anyway, I have a ton of uni work to do. Can't believe I have let so much time slip by and now I have heaps. Plus have to work on my swaps. I am also participating in a Narnia swap on Craftster. It is my first real swap so its very exciting. I am starting to make things for that one as well.

I'm off til next time.


Monday, August 21, 2006

International Day

It was my church's international day on Sunday. But before I go on, on friday night we had a small gathering to send off Hannah to go back to Japan for who knows how long. It had a 'back to school' theme. So here is a photo of course.

My pic with Hannie who is leaving us again next week. How sad?? I had a made up school uniform. I didn't keep my old ones. Hannah had borrowed one of Thara's and Thara had 3 different uniforms in one. I look like a little kid here. lol

Anyway, it was International Day at my church on Sunday. So I was dressed up in this Filipino thing. Kind of hard to describe plus, I wasn't able to get a photo and I changed right away. It was hard to wear while having to baby sit my nephew. It was fun. After the service we had a wide range of food from all around the world to purchase. I have Italian pasta. I didn't really feel like eating something I wasn't sure of. I had to look after both of my nephews, with the help of Jason. We visted the mini animal farm with Caeleb and Isaiah had to go on the jumping castle. So it was a fun day.

Also went back to church at night and they had this mini concert. A few different countries preformed. It was great! So here are more pics from that day.

Cute little Caeleb. He is so adorable. He would get freaked out by the sheep so he only wanted to try and pat the smaller animals.

Me with a sheep. Very bouncy feeling stroking a sheep.

My other little guy, Isaiah had fun on the jumping castle. He's a real sweetie too, when he wants to be that is =).

Anyway, thats it for now. Feeling a bit brain dead to write any more.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Daily life

I am always on the internet now. I have a new found obsession with reading other people's blogs. Usually they are crafty ones or fashion related. It makes me want to change mine a bit. But yet I still haven't. Anyway, I have become an ebay addict too! Mainly for craft items.

One website I did come across was decorated ballet shoes. They are so pretty. Here are a few pics from the site.

These are inspired by the ballet 'The Nutcracker.' I watched this ballet by the Russian Ballet Company last year with mum. It was beautiful!

Image taken from Demi-pointe . She has kindly allowed me to use her pics. She decorates all the ballet slippers herself. I would love to buy a pair of them. She also makes minitures in the most popular styles. I admire her talent.

Thought I'd put a few pics of some things I have made. I am still learning so much. Nowhere near as good as a lot of the other craftsters out there.

These are some coin purses I hand sewed from felt. I love this patterned felt. So pretty. Too bad Lincraft has moved away from Garden City shopping centre. It was one of my domains.

This is a shirt I stenciled for Jason as part of a present for our 1 year. He loves Transformers. And by the way he is the best ever! He taught me how to make links from my blog. Yay!

Anyway, I have to get ready to go to another party. An early going away party for Hannah.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Swap Info!

This is for all my swaps I am wanting to do. Just so you know a bit more about me. =)

Name: Gracienne
Age: 21
Bday: 1st Feb
Location: Australia
Ethnicity: Filipino but Aussie born.
Occupation: Uni student and soon to be barista
Marital Status: not married but long term relationship
Faith: Christian

Colour: Pink!
Colour combos: pink and brown, pink and black
Books: The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, crafty books, Lisa Bevere books, girly books like Meg Cabot (I know not really my age group) CS Lewis and Tolkien as well,
Movies: Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars (All episodes), Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2, Disney Aladdin, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Ever After, Honey, Centre Stage, girly movies
Music: Listen to a lot of different types. Some of my faves include Relient K, Brian McKnight, Black Eyed Peas, Day of Fire, The Veronicas, Pink etc. I also love my big epic movie soundtracks.

*Crafts Info
Crafts I do: Scrapbooking, basic sewing (by hand), book binding (still new), basic stenciling, basic jewellery making, some other paper crafts
Crafts I am Interested in: knitting, crochet, making my own beads, soaps and candle making, polymer clay and so many other things

Hobbies and Interests: My awesome church, dancing, reading, writing (letters, journals etc), crafts!, music, being with my friends and family, sports (athletics, field hockey, soccer), Narnia! the beach, sunrise and sunsets.

Other Likes: Butterflies!, stationary, shoes, Jasmin from Disneys Aladdin, Tinkerbell from Disneys Peter Pan, Unicorns, lip gloss, girly things, polka dots!, ballet items, mint chocolate, lions, tigers, pink pearls, Care bears (Love-a-lot my fave), crosses, comfy slippers, warm blankets, havaiana thongs (flip flops), ballet flat shoes, cute little charms, chico lollies, Hersheys Kisses (specially coz they are hard to get here), paper, vintage pictures and paper, tiny things

Dislikes: Crude humour, swearing, anything 'dark', Horror and scary movies

So that is a pretty much most of things I am interested in. Might update this when needed.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The weekend Part II

Pretty tired from this weekend. This is part 2. On Saturday I didn't really do anything during the day but at night I had a 21st. Here are a few photos.

Then on Sunday, went to early morning church because Jase and I went to the Ekka. The Royal Brisbane Show. It was great fun! We bought Bertie Beetle bags haha. And I stuffed my own bear for $10. So cute. We walked around and saw fashion parades, arts and crafts, animals and we walked around side show alley for ages trying to win a giant care bear. But to no avail. Only got 2 small things, a little Elmo stuffed toy keychain and this cute little stuffed lady bug. Some photos.

The first photo is me stuffing my bear, the next is the finished product. I haven't named her yet. The last is Jase and me in sideshow alley. We went on one ride and I regret it. It was all twisty and spinning and everything. Felt sick and my body aches from me holding on for dear life. I forgot I can't go on rides like that. So it kind of made me just want to go home after. But still had heaps of fun and glad that we went this year.

Anyway,gotta get back to doing other things

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The weekend

Last night I went into the city and bought a few craft items. I'm really getting into making things and crafts and stuff. Anyway, Jase and I walked over the bridge after to go to Southbank. We were meeting my bro Alvin and some friends to have dinner at Hot Plate. Awesome steak! We went walking around after and went to the markets. Love browsing markets. And I bought this beautiful little handblown glass perfume bottle. Here's a pic. It's lovely.
They are all unique and I bought a friend one of these bottles in the shape of an 'Aladdin's lamp.' We also bought churros. They are soo good! All I needed was a good cup of coffee to go with it. Afterwards, Alvin and the others went to check out the latin dancing and Jason and I went back into the city to go to Strike bowling bar for one of his uni friend's birthdays. It's pretty cool inside. Bowling, a bar and lounge areas to sit. We didn't bowl but we sat near the window which had a great view of the city.

So that is my weekend so far. There is more to come. There is a friend from school's 21st and going away party tonight and the EKKA tomorrow. So watch out for that.

Also I have been exploring many different crafts and one of my latest creations is a necklace. Yes it doesn't look that great but the pink pendant is made from FIMO clay and baked. It has a marbled affect as I mixed two colours. I like it even if it doesn't look that great in the pics. I think I will put more pics of my other creations sometime. Or provide a link or something I guess.

More next time. xoxo

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Work Training!

Today I had work training. This job is working for my oldest bro Rolf. He has bought a coffee franchise. It's called Xpresso and it's a mobile coffee business. It was pretty fun learning how to make the different coffees and the techniques. I think I'm doing pretty good expecially since I have never worked in the hospitality industry before. Dean, the guy training me said I was doing well so I have taken that to heart lol. I am on my way to becoming a barista! Haha probly take awhile until I learn how to make those fancy patterns on the top of the coffee. I am caffeinated out. Kept on tasting it plus had a cup made by Dean. It is really interesting. I want to learn more about coffee beans and the different types and everything! Watch out for pics of me in my uniform. It's only a work polo shirt and jeans but still.

There was this little Italian boy there, he is about 2. So cute! He was kicking a soccer ball around and so of course I joined and kicked it back and forth with him. He is such a cutie! By the way, I will never drink a short black again. I only had a sip and it is soooo strong!

Anyway, have to get back to uni work!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hannah's 21st and Jason's Job Interview

Hannah is back! For about a month then she is going back to Japan again. Sigh. So I will upload a few of the pics from her 21st last night. Sort of like her welcome back too!

Thara and me at the 21st. Oh I should post some photos from Thara's 21st. I should have done that before. I think I will do that soon.

Me and Hannah! It has been so long since I've seen her. So it was great to kind of catch up. I need to catch up properly though. I did some talking with some people from school I don't get to see or talk to as much. So we had fun last night.

Also, my Jason had a job interview yesterday! I hope and pray that he gets the job! He was looking very spiffy all dressed up for the interview. I came with him and stayed with his mum in her office and we had a chat. The job is at the same TAFE that his mum works. Yay. Here's a pic of him.

Aww he looks so cute! Love u Jase! I know you will get this job!

Anyway, I am trying to make heaps of things before uni starts getting really busy. Plus I have work training this week. My oldest bro's business will be starting soon so I need to get training. His business is mobile coffee. So I will be working with him once maybe twice a week. Uni is like 4 days a week this semester.

More next time.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Computer Geek

I have turned into a complete computer geek. I'm on all the time and I have joined a million different things. But I enjoy it and some of these sites are actually quite helpful. I would write a list but maybe not right now. Thought I would share a few things with you.

What Does Your Name Mean?
G is for Glitzy
R is for Revolutionary
A is for Abstract
C is for Captivating
I is for Impassioned
E is for Emotional
N is for Neat
N is for Neat
E is for Extraordinary

I got this from I wanted to use the code but for some reason it didn't work here. So what else is new? lol I'm pretty bad with understanding these computer terms and such. Glad that I am double neat =)

I love ballet flats and I have found a great brand that makes all kinds at Here are a few of the ones I am in love with =)

I heart ballet flats. <333 As small as I am I know I don't gain any height with them but they are just so comfortable.

I'm thinking of going to an adult ballet class. A beginners one. I used to do it ages ago and now I'd like to get back into it for fitness. And maybe do some pilates at uni too. Help my core strength. I'm trying to get into a good fitness routine so I also thought I might try this Marie Claire 4 weeks to a better body. Who knows I may not try it though.

Anyway more another time