Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Computer Geek

I have turned into a complete computer geek. I'm on all the time and I have joined a million different things. But I enjoy it and some of these sites are actually quite helpful. I would write a list but maybe not right now. Thought I would share a few things with you.

What Does Your Name Mean?
G is for Glitzy
R is for Revolutionary
A is for Abstract
C is for Captivating
I is for Impassioned
E is for Emotional
N is for Neat
N is for Neat
E is for Extraordinary

I got this from I wanted to use the code but for some reason it didn't work here. So what else is new? lol I'm pretty bad with understanding these computer terms and such. Glad that I am double neat =)

I love ballet flats and I have found a great brand that makes all kinds at Here are a few of the ones I am in love with =)

I heart ballet flats. <333 As small as I am I know I don't gain any height with them but they are just so comfortable.

I'm thinking of going to an adult ballet class. A beginners one. I used to do it ages ago and now I'd like to get back into it for fitness. And maybe do some pilates at uni too. Help my core strength. I'm trying to get into a good fitness routine so I also thought I might try this Marie Claire 4 weeks to a better body. Who knows I may not try it though.

Anyway more another time


Anonymous Jason said...

Maire Claire better body eh... I didn't think your body could get any better :P No can it..?

Cute shoes too my little double neat computer geek. I'm tired from doing this site, I still have so much to learn. Bed time kinda soon, and don't forget you owe me kisses from today.

cya baby girl xoxo

11:14 pm  

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