Friday, August 18, 2006

Daily life

I am always on the internet now. I have a new found obsession with reading other people's blogs. Usually they are crafty ones or fashion related. It makes me want to change mine a bit. But yet I still haven't. Anyway, I have become an ebay addict too! Mainly for craft items.

One website I did come across was decorated ballet shoes. They are so pretty. Here are a few pics from the site.

These are inspired by the ballet 'The Nutcracker.' I watched this ballet by the Russian Ballet Company last year with mum. It was beautiful!

Image taken from Demi-pointe . She has kindly allowed me to use her pics. She decorates all the ballet slippers herself. I would love to buy a pair of them. She also makes minitures in the most popular styles. I admire her talent.

Thought I'd put a few pics of some things I have made. I am still learning so much. Nowhere near as good as a lot of the other craftsters out there.

These are some coin purses I hand sewed from felt. I love this patterned felt. So pretty. Too bad Lincraft has moved away from Garden City shopping centre. It was one of my domains.

This is a shirt I stenciled for Jason as part of a present for our 1 year. He loves Transformers. And by the way he is the best ever! He taught me how to make links from my blog. Yay!

Anyway, I have to get ready to go to another party. An early going away party for Hannah.



Anonymous Jason said...

Yeah I love that shirt, it's awesome. And wow don't I feel special, getting a mention as being the best ever :D

At the moment, Gracienne and I are both at my house, but on seperate computers, so I'm posting this comment while sitting 10 feet away from her... thats a fun fact for all the readers out there.

Anyway beautiful (back to talking to Gracie now, not the readers...) keep posting, I'll keep reading and commenting, and see you in about 5 seconds when I finish typing :) Yay!

7:43 pm  

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