Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hannah's 21st and Jason's Job Interview

Hannah is back! For about a month then she is going back to Japan again. Sigh. So I will upload a few of the pics from her 21st last night. Sort of like her welcome back too!

Thara and me at the 21st. Oh I should post some photos from Thara's 21st. I should have done that before. I think I will do that soon.

Me and Hannah! It has been so long since I've seen her. So it was great to kind of catch up. I need to catch up properly though. I did some talking with some people from school I don't get to see or talk to as much. So we had fun last night.

Also, my Jason had a job interview yesterday! I hope and pray that he gets the job! He was looking very spiffy all dressed up for the interview. I came with him and stayed with his mum in her office and we had a chat. The job is at the same TAFE that his mum works. Yay. Here's a pic of him.

Aww he looks so cute! Love u Jase! I know you will get this job!

Anyway, I am trying to make heaps of things before uni starts getting really busy. Plus I have work training this week. My oldest bro's business will be starting soon so I need to get training. His business is mobile coffee. So I will be working with him once maybe twice a week. Uni is like 4 days a week this semester.

More next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oups... 21st? How come I'm not invited? I should really go and ask Hannah... tsk!

Nice pics! Pretty girls all over the place. Noooo Jason, not you! :p Good luck with the job!!

5:08 pm  
Anonymous Jason said...

Haha cheers JP. Hopefully you will see another post within the month saying I have the job.

And Hannah, Thara and of course Gracie were all looking mighty fine on Friday night, you shoulda been there JP.

Thanks for coming to the interview with me baby gracie, you helped calm my nerves heaps. Hope I get it yay!!!

7:11 pm  

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