Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Swap Info!

This is for all my swaps I am wanting to do. Just so you know a bit more about me. =)

Name: Gracienne
Age: 21
Bday: 1st Feb
Location: Australia
Ethnicity: Filipino but Aussie born.
Occupation: Uni student and soon to be barista
Marital Status: not married but long term relationship
Faith: Christian

Colour: Pink!
Colour combos: pink and brown, pink and black
Books: The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, crafty books, Lisa Bevere books, girly books like Meg Cabot (I know not really my age group) CS Lewis and Tolkien as well,
Movies: Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars (All episodes), Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2, Disney Aladdin, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Ever After, Honey, Centre Stage, girly movies
Music: Listen to a lot of different types. Some of my faves include Relient K, Brian McKnight, Black Eyed Peas, Day of Fire, The Veronicas, Pink etc. I also love my big epic movie soundtracks.

*Crafts Info
Crafts I do: Scrapbooking, basic sewing (by hand), book binding (still new), basic stenciling, basic jewellery making, some other paper crafts
Crafts I am Interested in: knitting, crochet, making my own beads, soaps and candle making, polymer clay and so many other things

Hobbies and Interests: My awesome church, dancing, reading, writing (letters, journals etc), crafts!, music, being with my friends and family, sports (athletics, field hockey, soccer), Narnia! the beach, sunrise and sunsets.

Other Likes: Butterflies!, stationary, shoes, Jasmin from Disneys Aladdin, Tinkerbell from Disneys Peter Pan, Unicorns, lip gloss, girly things, polka dots!, ballet items, mint chocolate, lions, tigers, pink pearls, Care bears (Love-a-lot my fave), crosses, comfy slippers, warm blankets, havaiana thongs (flip flops), ballet flat shoes, cute little charms, chico lollies, Hersheys Kisses (specially coz they are hard to get here), paper, vintage pictures and paper, tiny things

Dislikes: Crude humour, swearing, anything 'dark', Horror and scary movies

So that is a pretty much most of things I am interested in. Might update this when needed.


Anonymous Jason said...

lol you just made christmas shopping alot easier on everyone ;) Anything in the 'other likes' section is a winner for a present.

Good info baby, maybe one day I'll make something crafty for you :)

9:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Good info baby, maybe one day I'll make something crafty for you :)"

That I want to see ;) Can't imagine you doing that, but then again I don't really know you ...

I just checked the new pics from Hannahs MSN space and then read your blog. It's so great that with those blogs you can keep in touch so much better from the other side of the world. I had to check on Wikipedia to find out what the "Ekka" is but seems like a lot of fun. Great you posted some pics of it recently. I think I should do the same the next weeks to let you see stuff from Germany too!

8:05 am  

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