Monday, August 28, 2006


It's been a week since my last post. Thats long for me. I have done a few things and have been quite busy.

I had my first day at work last friday. And on the Sunday I had an event at the sister church to my church. It was alright. I got some photos of me in uniform. Kind of. Jason tried taking some. So here they are.
Thats me and my bro before anything has started. We werent really posing. Jason happened to take a photo then.

Also it is still a draught here. So yesterday it was a day to pray for rain. Many churches were involved and the Premier and Lord Major were encouraging it. So anyway, early this morning we get this wonderful downpour of rain. It was such a welcome sound and I believe it is because we all prayed. God is great!

I also tried to make some earrings for a swap I am participating in at Swap-bot. So I will put a photo of them up as well.
So here they are. Very basic but I do like them and the photo isnt the clearest. And they are being sent off anyway. It is a girly box swap. It is fun participating so far. And can't wait to receive my items!

I went to a housewarming/birthday. It was typically filo in terms of food and such. It was a dress up for the younger ones and my cute little nephews wore wearing a basketball/kinda homey style. So adorable. Here's a photo of them too!
They are so sweet and cute. I love em heaps! They are great little boys.

Anyway, I have a ton of uni work to do. Can't believe I have let so much time slip by and now I have heaps. Plus have to work on my swaps. I am also participating in a Narnia swap on Craftster. It is my first real swap so its very exciting. I am starting to make things for that one as well.

I'm off til next time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look good in your uniform. Wish I had one when working... Should really ask my boss!

5:05 pm  
Anonymous Jason said...

Look at you and Rolf, posing it up model style, looking disinterested and away from the camera :) Heh heh, that day was good, coffee was yum yum.

And I'm very glad we got rain, we need it so bad. It's raining again now as I write this post actually, so woooo.

Earrings are pretty, a little blurry though, but still pretty. The boys look cool too, especially Caelebs little bandaid haha. And yerrr that's it for my reply post, keep writing and I'll keep reading. Hope your uni work goes well love you baby girl mwa

5:41 pm  

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