Monday, August 14, 2006

The weekend Part II

Pretty tired from this weekend. This is part 2. On Saturday I didn't really do anything during the day but at night I had a 21st. Here are a few photos.

Then on Sunday, went to early morning church because Jase and I went to the Ekka. The Royal Brisbane Show. It was great fun! We bought Bertie Beetle bags haha. And I stuffed my own bear for $10. So cute. We walked around and saw fashion parades, arts and crafts, animals and we walked around side show alley for ages trying to win a giant care bear. But to no avail. Only got 2 small things, a little Elmo stuffed toy keychain and this cute little stuffed lady bug. Some photos.

The first photo is me stuffing my bear, the next is the finished product. I haven't named her yet. The last is Jase and me in sideshow alley. We went on one ride and I regret it. It was all twisty and spinning and everything. Felt sick and my body aches from me holding on for dear life. I forgot I can't go on rides like that. So it kind of made me just want to go home after. But still had heaps of fun and glad that we went this year.

Anyway,gotta get back to doing other things


Anonymous Jason said...

Woe is us. I can't believe I couldn't manage to get you a big care bear. I even bartered with the carnies to get more attempts but still no big bear. Woe :(

The day was still fun though, I am definatly glad we went this year. Maybe next year I'll win you the biggest bear in the world!.. I hope... :) hehe love you baby byebyebyebyexoxo

8:19 am  

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