Saturday, August 12, 2006

The weekend

Last night I went into the city and bought a few craft items. I'm really getting into making things and crafts and stuff. Anyway, Jase and I walked over the bridge after to go to Southbank. We were meeting my bro Alvin and some friends to have dinner at Hot Plate. Awesome steak! We went walking around after and went to the markets. Love browsing markets. And I bought this beautiful little handblown glass perfume bottle. Here's a pic. It's lovely.
They are all unique and I bought a friend one of these bottles in the shape of an 'Aladdin's lamp.' We also bought churros. They are soo good! All I needed was a good cup of coffee to go with it. Afterwards, Alvin and the others went to check out the latin dancing and Jason and I went back into the city to go to Strike bowling bar for one of his uni friend's birthdays. It's pretty cool inside. Bowling, a bar and lounge areas to sit. We didn't bowl but we sat near the window which had a great view of the city.

So that is my weekend so far. There is more to come. There is a friend from school's 21st and going away party tonight and the EKKA tomorrow. So watch out for that.

Also I have been exploring many different crafts and one of my latest creations is a necklace. Yes it doesn't look that great but the pink pendant is made from FIMO clay and baked. It has a marbled affect as I mixed two colours. I like it even if it doesn't look that great in the pics. I think I will put more pics of my other creations sometime. Or provide a link or something I guess.

More next time. xoxo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My weekend was quite busy, too. Had a Australia-themed BBQ party at my home. At least this was the plan, but then it was really cold and rainy last night. So we did just drink some Australian whine and listen to a few Australian bands. I didn't even get to buy vegemite to let my friends try some ;)

The perfume bottle looks nice. I love the markets at Southbank. But they were so touristy I think...

8:35 pm  
Anonymous Jason said...

Nice looking necklace. You should go pro, make heaps of them, and then take them to south bank markets and sell them. That way you get to spend lots of time at the markets ;) Good idea methinks.

10:13 pm  

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