Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Work Training!

Today I had work training. This job is working for my oldest bro Rolf. He has bought a coffee franchise. It's called Xpresso and it's a mobile coffee business. It was pretty fun learning how to make the different coffees and the techniques. I think I'm doing pretty good expecially since I have never worked in the hospitality industry before. Dean, the guy training me said I was doing well so I have taken that to heart lol. I am on my way to becoming a barista! Haha probly take awhile until I learn how to make those fancy patterns on the top of the coffee. I am caffeinated out. Kept on tasting it plus had a cup made by Dean. It is really interesting. I want to learn more about coffee beans and the different types and everything! Watch out for pics of me in my uniform. It's only a work polo shirt and jeans but still.

There was this little Italian boy there, he is about 2. So cute! He was kicking a soccer ball around and so of course I joined and kicked it back and forth with him. He is such a cutie! By the way, I will never drink a short black again. I only had a sip and it is soooo strong!

Anyway, have to get back to uni work!


Anonymous Jason said...

If a short black is super strong, then my new nickname shall be Jason 'short black' Standen. Cus I go to the gym lots so im huge and strong :)....and stuff :/

Glad work training was fun, you can come over and make me yummy coffee now yay! Happy 13 months as well baby, love you lots byeeeee xoxo

9:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working in hospitality is fun. I've been working last night again till 'bout 11.30 pm, but it was alright because there was many nice people there last night that you could speak to during work. Once it get's busy and people get rude, it's hard to keep polite though...

So I know where to drink my first coffee when I get to Australia again :)

6:11 pm  

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