Saturday, September 30, 2006

Assignment-ing =(

I'm trying so hard to finish off my assignment due Monday but having so much trouble trying to concentrate. So it's taking me ten times longer than it should as I keep on looking at things while I'm trying to search for journal articles. Plus was meant to go to a wedding today, but had too much to do sigh. Anyway, thought I would do a little entry. lol

I'm meant to be off uni for this week but it was still busy with doing uni work. I went to the beach on Monday with Jase. It was such a beautiful day and with all this warm weather coming our way it was hard to say no. I tan pretty easy so I'm a bit darker now. Oh and tried going into the surf. It may be spring but water is still pretty cold though.

Last night I went to my brother Alvin's birthday dinner. It was at Wagamamas in the Valley. Pretty nice and it was good company. I couldn't stay that long though as Jason had another party to go to and I was meant to go but I wasn't feeling the greatest. I tried making my top interesting using a wrap. It turned out pretty good but didnt really get a proper photo. Also, as I wasn't feeling the best when Jase came over last night he randomly brought me flowers. It was so sweet! They're pink and pretty =)

These are my pretty flowers from Jason. He is absolutely the sweetest! I love random presents they are the best surprises. Thanks Jason your the best!

Something else I received was my the stationary swap. I got this awesome package of things from America. Thanks to Eling. She sent so many great things.

There are papers and envelopes, some vintage postcards, stickers, notecards. She even added a sweet Tinkerbell necklace, a sweet pink squid stuffie and two little badges (or buttons.

This is the little Tinkerbell necklace. It's so pretty and a good length for me.

Oh I forgot but for my bro's bday besides the bought present I made him a stenciled shirt of a turtle. Since he got turtles as part of his bday present. It's pretty cute I must say =) I'll take photos of it soon.

Must get back to work sigh


Sunday, September 24, 2006

A week off

I have a week off from uni for the mid semester break. Not much of a holiday as I have an assignment due and an exam the day I go back. But I suppose it's a break from going to class.

Just a bit of an update. I watched Stormbreaker on Thursday. It was great! It was a bit different from the book but still the same. Alex Pettyfer who plays Alex Rider is a cutie! lol! Then last night watched The Devil wears Prada. Liked that one too. Had some great clothes.

I had a few swaps as well. I sent my stationary swap and my narnia swap off. I'll put a pic up from the stationary one and maybe narnia one another time.

Looks like hardly anything but in that box there is envelopes, paper, and notecards. I do have more paper there too! Just can't see it.

Also my brother got some baby turtles. It's part of his bday present. They're so cute! I'll put a photo of them in a bucket before we put them in the tank. I have yet to get a good photo of them in the tank. But they're adorable. Names are Rocky and Butch. Don't even ask about names. My brother is turning 25 by the way. lol.

You probably can't really tell but they are really small. Wish they would stay that way.

After church this morning Jason and I went to the Valley Markets. It's not that big on a Sunday but I was still able to get a dress. I love it!.

I'm in love with polka dots. This is a great summer dress. I'm really into dresses this season. Not normally a dress girl.

Thats it for now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Busy Week

I had a sports psych oral today. It went alright I guess. Could have been better though. My partner and I missed some vital point that I was going to put in but didn't. Argh how annoying.

Anyway I have a lab report to do and another oral on thursday. Then I am going to give myself a few days off uni work and then I have a week off uni which I will be spending doing an assignment and a prepared exam. These past few weeks have been so busy.

On the bus on the way home,I was getting off my stop and these 2 school girls are loving my dress/top I'm wearing now. They asked me where and I got it and how much they liked it. hehe it was sweet. I love this top too! With my black leggings underneath.

I thought I would share the Stormbreaker trailer here. It has already come out in America and UK I think. But it's only coming out here on thursday. So watching it friday night. I was so disappointed that I can't get the book from the library that I bought it today in the city while waiting for my bus. It's pretty good!

And thought why not put the Eragon trailer here as well. Looking forward to this too. It is kind of reminiscent of Lord of the rings.

Ahh I love Youtube.

Also last Sunday it was my nephew Isaiah preschool fete. It was a fun day. Mum bought me a few things from the craft market and Jase bought me this cute balloon. It's a large white one with butterflies and it has a purple heart balloon inside. So sweet. We watched Isaiah do the chicken dance with his preschool class. It was so cute.

Isaiah posing after doing the chicken dance. So cute in his little hat.

And this is me posing with my balloon on Jason's bed. I still have it. And it's still round =)

Well that's all for now. I am hoping to go to the Valley Markets again this week to buy a dress. Yay


Friday, September 15, 2006

A Friday night at home

It's a friday night and I'm at home trying to work on my uni orals and do some crafting for my swap but I am getting distracted by anything. At the moment it is movie trailers. I would like to see The Devil wears Prada with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. That should be a good girle movie.

But I am looking forward to some other movies more. One of them is Stormbreaker. I haven't read the book yet which really sux cause I love reading books before movies. But then I guess heaps of movies are based on books. I might have to buy it as every copy in all the libraries are all checked out and this movie comes out next week! Here is a link to the movie website of Stormbreaker. Alex Pettyfer who plays Alex Rider is a real cutie =) He's a bit young though haha. People on Narniaweb thought he would be good to play Prince Caspian for the next Narnia movie. I think he suits the role but I think they will be casting an unknown for that part.

The other movie I'm looking forward to is Eragon. Finally they have released an official trailer. So glad. I've read this book. It's the first installment in the Inheritance Trilogy. More information at Shurtugal. The trailer can be seen there. Edward Speleers who plays Eragon is a cutie too! lol What's with me and the young pretty boy blue eyed British blondes? Cause I thought Peter (William Moseley) from Narnia was a cutie as well. Eepp! They're all about 3 years younger than me.

Anyway, I want to put some links from Youtube on here but not happening tonight.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things to do

I'm pretty full on with uni and other things right now. But somehow I still have time to blog. lol. I'm researching as well thats why =). Anyway, just want to add a few photos of things.

Last saturday I went to breakfast at Kangeroo Point with my brother Alvin and some people from church. From there we went to the Valley Markets. I love them. They are great. Awesome jewellery and dresses there. I bought sweet little necklace and my bro bought me this cute little ring. Some photos---->
The little pink ring my brother bought me. So many cute things which would be great for christmas presents. Although I will probly make a lot of mine this year.
Yeh, don't mind my leg. I couldn't get a decent shot without seeing myself in the picture as the little kissing couple are mirrored. I love this necklace. I can't wait to get more of them. I want to get a Tinkerbell one next. To check out other styles go to Little Fern. So sweet. I had a chat with the girl who creates them and this is her myspace. You can also purchase them on ebay.
This is what I sent for my girly box swap on Swap-Bot. I also received my box already. Pretty quick and this is the contents of mine.
Very sweet. First swap package that I have received. Was so excited. I got it on Monday and I had an exam then so it was a nice surprise.

I had a haircut today. Feels great. So much better and I have a little side fringe now. Hair feels lighter as well. So that is a good thing. Anyway, gotta get back to work.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

For Laura! =)

I wanted to make a post about my beautiful friend Laura.

This is me and her the year we meant at our church musical The Follower. We had probly known each other for about 2 or 3 months here. We just clicked when we meant. Felt like I have known her forever though it has only been about 1 year and a half.

This is at one of my brothers car rally days he has a few times a year. That was a good day.

Us at The Coffee Club. I think it was at the beginning of this year. This is usually after night church and everyone goes out. I haven't been doing that lately mainly because of uni.

This is when we went out for dinner for her birthday last year. Great Italian restuarant in Southbank.
She and I like to make things and we had a day to create. I definately hope we have more of them. And it's great cause we are planning double dates with her and Josh and me and Jason. We are to have dinner soon and since it is spring we are also planning on going on a picnic! There are many plans.
I just wanted to let her know that she is a wonderful, beautiful, loyal, creative, awesome person and she is one of my bestest friends!! Mwa love ya girly! xoxo

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bad Day

It has been a very tiring and bad day. I started off being stressed out since this morning. Some people werent meant to collect some stuff and they were late and I had to leave for uni. Sounds stupid I know. I then had my exam and I couldn't concentrate properly. I didn't realise it was a hour and a half exam and I couldn't tell Jason to come pick me up later as I was in an exam. So I felt soo bad throughout the whole thing and I was late of course.

Then after Jason's car went all weird. I don't really know how to explain it and yeh so we had to drive into a side street and wait for RACQ to come and fix it. So that happened.

Anyway, there has been a tragedy. Steve Irwin, an Australian icon died today from a stingray. It was a massive shock. Anyone who knows about him he was known all over the world for his excitement for unusual animals and he was known as The Crocodile Hunter. I feel for his family. It would be extremely hard to lose a family member in this manner. It just makes you realise how short life is and how quickly it can be gone. I hope and pray for his family in this terrible loss.

Well, I have another exam to study for.