Saturday, September 30, 2006

Assignment-ing =(

I'm trying so hard to finish off my assignment due Monday but having so much trouble trying to concentrate. So it's taking me ten times longer than it should as I keep on looking at things while I'm trying to search for journal articles. Plus was meant to go to a wedding today, but had too much to do sigh. Anyway, thought I would do a little entry. lol

I'm meant to be off uni for this week but it was still busy with doing uni work. I went to the beach on Monday with Jase. It was such a beautiful day and with all this warm weather coming our way it was hard to say no. I tan pretty easy so I'm a bit darker now. Oh and tried going into the surf. It may be spring but water is still pretty cold though.

Last night I went to my brother Alvin's birthday dinner. It was at Wagamamas in the Valley. Pretty nice and it was good company. I couldn't stay that long though as Jason had another party to go to and I was meant to go but I wasn't feeling the greatest. I tried making my top interesting using a wrap. It turned out pretty good but didnt really get a proper photo. Also, as I wasn't feeling the best when Jase came over last night he randomly brought me flowers. It was so sweet! They're pink and pretty =)

These are my pretty flowers from Jason. He is absolutely the sweetest! I love random presents they are the best surprises. Thanks Jason your the best!

Something else I received was my the stationary swap. I got this awesome package of things from America. Thanks to Eling. She sent so many great things.

There are papers and envelopes, some vintage postcards, stickers, notecards. She even added a sweet Tinkerbell necklace, a sweet pink squid stuffie and two little badges (or buttons.

This is the little Tinkerbell necklace. It's so pretty and a good length for me.

Oh I forgot but for my bro's bday besides the bought present I made him a stenciled shirt of a turtle. Since he got turtles as part of his bday present. It's pretty cute I must say =) I'll take photos of it soon.

Must get back to work sigh



Anonymous Anonymous said...

sign up:

7:18 pm  
Anonymous Jason said...

Is that first comment just random spam? It looks like it so I would be inclined not to sign up or even go to the url.

But anyways, hope your feeling a little bit better today little one. You scored well with your swap, and of course with the flowers :P hehe. Hope your assignment is going well, and I will see you tomorrow morning. Meet you at your house ok deal. Deal. Love you baby gracie xoxo

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know how it feels when you're off from uni and you still have to do stuff for uni. Our classes finished in July, our last exam was in September. All the time when relaxing I felt guilty for not studying. Now finally I'm free for exactly three weeks yay!

Your swap thingy looks like a really great thing. You seem to getting great stuff which is good.

I got your letter a few weeks ago already but I was just to busy with my exams to answer. I'll try my very best to do it this week! There's quite some news here that I didn't write in my blog.

Good luck with your assignment. Take your off-time when you need it, don't get too stressed!


3:34 pm  

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