Monday, September 04, 2006

Bad Day

It has been a very tiring and bad day. I started off being stressed out since this morning. Some people werent meant to collect some stuff and they were late and I had to leave for uni. Sounds stupid I know. I then had my exam and I couldn't concentrate properly. I didn't realise it was a hour and a half exam and I couldn't tell Jason to come pick me up later as I was in an exam. So I felt soo bad throughout the whole thing and I was late of course.

Then after Jason's car went all weird. I don't really know how to explain it and yeh so we had to drive into a side street and wait for RACQ to come and fix it. So that happened.

Anyway, there has been a tragedy. Steve Irwin, an Australian icon died today from a stingray. It was a massive shock. Anyone who knows about him he was known all over the world for his excitement for unusual animals and he was known as The Crocodile Hunter. I feel for his family. It would be extremely hard to lose a family member in this manner. It just makes you realise how short life is and how quickly it can be gone. I hope and pray for his family in this terrible loss.

Well, I have another exam to study for.



Anonymous Jason said...

Yeh today sucked. The accelerator cable went stupid in my car, so the accelerator was on, and there was no stopping it. Even when I turned the car off it still took like 20 seconds for it to stop trying to ignite and restart back up again.

Then again, my problems are no where near as big as Steve Irwins family's are.

But yer. Hope you're studying hard little one, and have a more relaxed day tomorrow for you exam. Love you always :)

8:30 pm  

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