Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Busy Week

I had a sports psych oral today. It went alright I guess. Could have been better though. My partner and I missed some vital point that I was going to put in but didn't. Argh how annoying.

Anyway I have a lab report to do and another oral on thursday. Then I am going to give myself a few days off uni work and then I have a week off uni which I will be spending doing an assignment and a prepared exam. These past few weeks have been so busy.

On the bus on the way home,I was getting off my stop and these 2 school girls are loving my dress/top I'm wearing now. They asked me where and I got it and how much they liked it. hehe it was sweet. I love this top too! With my black leggings underneath.

I thought I would share the Stormbreaker trailer here. It has already come out in America and UK I think. But it's only coming out here on thursday. So watching it friday night. I was so disappointed that I can't get the book from the library that I bought it today in the city while waiting for my bus. It's pretty good!

And thought why not put the Eragon trailer here as well. Looking forward to this too. It is kind of reminiscent of Lord of the rings.

Ahh I love Youtube.

Also last Sunday it was my nephew Isaiah preschool fete. It was a fun day. Mum bought me a few things from the craft market and Jase bought me this cute balloon. It's a large white one with butterflies and it has a purple heart balloon inside. So sweet. We watched Isaiah do the chicken dance with his preschool class. It was so cute.

Isaiah posing after doing the chicken dance. So cute in his little hat.

And this is me posing with my balloon on Jason's bed. I still have it. And it's still round =)

Well that's all for now. I am hoping to go to the Valley Markets again this week to buy a dress. Yay



Anonymous Jason said...

Haha I told you you looked hot in that top this morning :) It looks very good on you little baby. And you bought the book lol. No doubt you're reading it now and will probably have it finished by tomorrow or maybe the day after since you have work to do :P

The fete was fun, glad you liked your balloon in a balloon. See you tomorrow morning bright and early :) love you

8:54 pm  

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