Friday, September 15, 2006

A Friday night at home

It's a friday night and I'm at home trying to work on my uni orals and do some crafting for my swap but I am getting distracted by anything. At the moment it is movie trailers. I would like to see The Devil wears Prada with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. That should be a good girle movie.

But I am looking forward to some other movies more. One of them is Stormbreaker. I haven't read the book yet which really sux cause I love reading books before movies. But then I guess heaps of movies are based on books. I might have to buy it as every copy in all the libraries are all checked out and this movie comes out next week! Here is a link to the movie website of Stormbreaker. Alex Pettyfer who plays Alex Rider is a real cutie =) He's a bit young though haha. People on Narniaweb thought he would be good to play Prince Caspian for the next Narnia movie. I think he suits the role but I think they will be casting an unknown for that part.

The other movie I'm looking forward to is Eragon. Finally they have released an official trailer. So glad. I've read this book. It's the first installment in the Inheritance Trilogy. More information at Shurtugal. The trailer can be seen there. Edward Speleers who plays Eragon is a cutie too! lol What's with me and the young pretty boy blue eyed British blondes? Cause I thought Peter (William Moseley) from Narnia was a cutie as well. Eepp! They're all about 3 years younger than me.

Anyway, I want to put some links from Youtube on here but not happening tonight.



Anonymous Jason said...

Well well well then. There's only one thing left for me to do then. Challenge all those girly boys to a fight to the death to prove my love for you.

And as if they are hot. They're from England where the sun is a mythical creature that only comes out a few times a year. If you think pasty white boys are hot...eeww. Whats with you and Thara liking younger boys anyway :/

Oh well lucky for me I'm younger than you so that secures me in my place as besterest boyfriend in the world :)

11:25 am  
Blogger olynxes said...

LOL JASON I RESENT THAT!! *flicks ur ear* loool pfft you silly silly boy... but for some reason it's trueeeeeeeee......... *cries* lol Dammit, even since highschool - remember chica LOL there were soo many of them hahahha

7:00 am  

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