Sunday, September 24, 2006

A week off

I have a week off from uni for the mid semester break. Not much of a holiday as I have an assignment due and an exam the day I go back. But I suppose it's a break from going to class.

Just a bit of an update. I watched Stormbreaker on Thursday. It was great! It was a bit different from the book but still the same. Alex Pettyfer who plays Alex Rider is a cutie! lol! Then last night watched The Devil wears Prada. Liked that one too. Had some great clothes.

I had a few swaps as well. I sent my stationary swap and my narnia swap off. I'll put a pic up from the stationary one and maybe narnia one another time.

Looks like hardly anything but in that box there is envelopes, paper, and notecards. I do have more paper there too! Just can't see it.

Also my brother got some baby turtles. It's part of his bday present. They're so cute! I'll put a photo of them in a bucket before we put them in the tank. I have yet to get a good photo of them in the tank. But they're adorable. Names are Rocky and Butch. Don't even ask about names. My brother is turning 25 by the way. lol.

You probably can't really tell but they are really small. Wish they would stay that way.

After church this morning Jason and I went to the Valley Markets. It's not that big on a Sunday but I was still able to get a dress. I love it!.

I'm in love with polka dots. This is a great summer dress. I'm really into dresses this season. Not normally a dress girl.

Thats it for now.


Anonymous Jason said...

Hey baby girl. Good looking dress, bet it will look even better on you than on the floor. You forgot to say we got tickets to Circ de solai... thats most probably spelt wrong but yeh the circus. I just don't know when we have to pay the man the moneys...

See you in an hour :D mwa baby love you

5:01 pm  

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