Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's happening

My poor little nephew Caeleb has a broken foot and leg. He's only 18 months old. The poor little fella. My sis in law fell down the stairs with him and he landed on his leg and Lizzy hurt her back and arm. I'm glad that nothing worse happened because it could have been worse then the injuries they received. Thank God for that too! I have to put pictures here when I figure out what happened to my camera. He looks pretty cute with cast just because it so small.

Anyway, I haven't put pics of what I received in my Narnia swap up yet. Here it is.

This is the messenger bag she made me with a still shot from the movie. It's so cute. It even has hot pink with black polka dot lining.

This is the book box she made. It had jewellery and stuff inside. I love it. Always wanted one.

These are called marble magnets. Two of them are Peter, one Lucy and one Aslan. I would love to make these but I have no idea where to get the marble things.

These are a few jewellery type things she made. The first is a phone charm/zipper pull with cute little charms, the second a keychain, the third a bookmark. They are so pretty. I love them all.

This is the earrings, the necklace and the bracelet that she made me. I love the charms she used. There were crowns, a unicorn either to represent the one Peter rode or Jewel the unicorn in The Last Battle Book. There was a lion for Aslan and little Knight charms. She did so well in capturing all the things I like from the Book.

I have a few more weeks of uni. One study week and two weeks of exams and then I'm done for the year! Yay and have three months off. And plus its the summer holidays. I have one more swap on Swap bot and I have two more from craftster. It's so much fun.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mid week

It's nearly Wednesday and I thought I would do some kind of an update. My little nephew has lost his first tooth. So thats exciting for the family =) And my sister in laws mum got clear results from this operation she had because they thought it might be cancer. But they're fine. Thank you God.

Anyway, thought I will post pics of my Narnia swap from Craftster. It was so much fun. So here's what I sent.
My attempt at a doll. It's all hand sewn and supposed to be Susan.
This is the front of the box I painted and the picture I printed.
This is the inside with another pic. Those two were some of her fave bits from the movie.
There are 2 journals bound by me, 4 mini coin purses (I used them to put jewellery), and 3 tiny bags with earrings.
This is all the jewellery. Some of it is clay with pics and the red is to represent Lucys healing cordial and some random earrings. I will put some close ups next time.

EEee, I can't upload any more pics it seems. Well I will just have to post the last pics next time along with what Mary Jo sent me!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More photos

I thought I might put more photos up from Saturday night. Well from the soccer. Still waiting for pics from the party. Thanx for comments guys. Lol. As if police people would really wear what I was wearing. There's no way you could fight crime in that outfit =)

This was the kick off. Pay attention to number 2. That's Lucas Neill. haha. Not that you can see it that well in this pic.

This is me and Jason in the half time break. Most of the seats behind us were filled up. Oh and JP, of course it was because the World Cup was in Germany =)

This was at the end of the game and we were hanging around to watch coz several players had their last match that night.

This is us again at the end of the game. It was awesome. Had heaps of fun.

I'll post pics from my narnia swap soon.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Free for awhile

I'm pretty rooted from the last few days. I've been busy with uni but can relax for a few days. After my end of semester exams I will be free for 3 months! Woo! Can't wait!

Friday night, I went to mum's work conference on the Gold coast. It was great. Kenneth Copeland is one inspiring guy who is so attune to God. Wonderful message. Then after had dinner at Conrad Jupiters Casino [only to eat of course =)].

Well, I have to go on about the soccer game on Saturday night. It was awesome. The atmosphere was electric! And this was only a friendly match against Paraguay. It was a sucky ending with us scoring an own goal. But it was amazing to watch a goal being scored. Especially coz it took so long until it was scored and Jase has it on video. I tried but I was too busy watching. I went nuts and it was so much fun too. And Lucas Neill. Oh yeh! Hot! (excuse me Jase)lol I'll post a few photos up soon.

Afterwards, Jason and I went to his friends 21st. It was a fancy dress and it was pretty cool. I was a police lady and Jason was spiderman. hehe. I didn't get as many photos and I'm waiting on Jasons so will put some photos up later.

By the way, one of my friends told me today that the Socceroos went out that Saturday night and a friend of hers was able to meet them and talk to them. Sigh. That would have been great!

Also, received my Narnia swap package. Yew! So good. I will post photos of what I sent and I what I got.

Some photos from Saturday night.

Jason as Spiderman. It's not the best quality photo, but Jason has heaps more on his camera.

This is me as a police lady. I had some hand cuffs too but Sivvy a friend of Jasons took them. And you can't see my play gun. lol.

Anyway, I'll put up more photos later. This seems to be stuffing up. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Right now I'm at Jason's house by myself. He's at work but his mum should be coming soon.

The Broncos won the NRL Final!! Yew! They so deserved it. I'm so glad they did! Yay! Today in the city there was a special parade but I was off working. Sigh. Not that I would've been able to go anyway, had uni but changed my tute so I could work.

Pretty busy this week but only have about 3 weeks of class, a study week and 2 weeks of exams and then I'm finished for 3 months!! YAY!

Anyway, this weekend I'm watching the Socceroos play Paraguay in a friendly. I'm pretty excited as I think all the players will be able to come! Wooo! Looking forward to seeing Lucas Neil. lol. Don't hurt me Jason =( lol. But Jason and I were a bit late in getting tickets so we aren't sitting next to each other, but we have seats in front of each other which is good enough I guess.

More another time.