Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Right now I'm at Jason's house by myself. He's at work but his mum should be coming soon.

The Broncos won the NRL Final!! Yew! They so deserved it. I'm so glad they did! Yay! Today in the city there was a special parade but I was off working. Sigh. Not that I would've been able to go anyway, had uni but changed my tute so I could work.

Pretty busy this week but only have about 3 weeks of class, a study week and 2 weeks of exams and then I'm finished for 3 months!! YAY!

Anyway, this weekend I'm watching the Socceroos play Paraguay in a friendly. I'm pretty excited as I think all the players will be able to come! Wooo! Looking forward to seeing Lucas Neil. lol. Don't hurt me Jason =( lol. But Jason and I were a bit late in getting tickets so we aren't sitting next to each other, but we have seats in front of each other which is good enough I guess.

More another time.



Anonymous Jason said...

What a cutie, sitting all by yourself at my house. Hmm Lucas Neil eh.... maybe we won't be going to the soccer anymore :P Can't wait till you finish uni then I can hang out with you forever yayayayy!! Ok well I'm leaving to come to your house now... so um see you soon :)

9:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow you going to see the Socceroos! That's sooo cool! Is football getting popular now in Australia, after they got that far in the World Cup?

Lucky you, I'll only start uni next week and there's no holidays till Christmas. :(

Have fun at the game!!

4:37 pm  

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