Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Free for awhile

I'm pretty rooted from the last few days. I've been busy with uni but can relax for a few days. After my end of semester exams I will be free for 3 months! Woo! Can't wait!

Friday night, I went to mum's work conference on the Gold coast. It was great. Kenneth Copeland is one inspiring guy who is so attune to God. Wonderful message. Then after had dinner at Conrad Jupiters Casino [only to eat of course =)].

Well, I have to go on about the soccer game on Saturday night. It was awesome. The atmosphere was electric! And this was only a friendly match against Paraguay. It was a sucky ending with us scoring an own goal. But it was amazing to watch a goal being scored. Especially coz it took so long until it was scored and Jase has it on video. I tried but I was too busy watching. I went nuts and it was so much fun too. And Lucas Neill. Oh yeh! Hot! (excuse me Jase)lol I'll post a few photos up soon.

Afterwards, Jason and I went to his friends 21st. It was a fancy dress and it was pretty cool. I was a police lady and Jason was spiderman. hehe. I didn't get as many photos and I'm waiting on Jasons so will put some photos up later.

By the way, one of my friends told me today that the Socceroos went out that Saturday night and a friend of hers was able to meet them and talk to them. Sigh. That would have been great!

Also, received my Narnia swap package. Yew! So good. I will post photos of what I sent and I what I got.

Some photos from Saturday night.

Jason as Spiderman. It's not the best quality photo, but Jason has heaps more on his camera.

This is me as a police lady. I had some hand cuffs too but Sivvy a friend of Jasons took them. And you can't see my play gun. lol.

Anyway, I'll put up more photos later. This seems to be stuffing up. Sigh.


Anonymous Jason said...

I guess I can only say one thing about this post... Gracie as a police lady is HOT!! lol the soccer game was awesome too though, as soon as I get my camera back I'll give you the video little one. Mwa love you lots officer Gracienne :p

1:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that's how all police ladys in Australia look, I can't wait to get arrested :D

Too bad about that own goal. But it's cool to see how popular soccer is now in Australia. Think that's only because the World Cup was in Germany :P

5:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi gracienne! Lol... one hawt police lady indeed!
I just wanted to let you know I posted a pic of the goodies I got from you for the stationery swap on my blog: http://nancycomelab.blogspot.com. And uploading to swap-bot as we speak!
Hope all is well! Cheers, Nancy.

6:38 pm  

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