Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mid week

It's nearly Wednesday and I thought I would do some kind of an update. My little nephew has lost his first tooth. So thats exciting for the family =) And my sister in laws mum got clear results from this operation she had because they thought it might be cancer. But they're fine. Thank you God.

Anyway, thought I will post pics of my Narnia swap from Craftster. It was so much fun. So here's what I sent.
My attempt at a doll. It's all hand sewn and supposed to be Susan.
This is the front of the box I painted and the picture I printed.
This is the inside with another pic. Those two were some of her fave bits from the movie.
There are 2 journals bound by me, 4 mini coin purses (I used them to put jewellery), and 3 tiny bags with earrings.
This is all the jewellery. Some of it is clay with pics and the red is to represent Lucys healing cordial and some random earrings. I will put some close ups next time.

EEee, I can't upload any more pics it seems. Well I will just have to post the last pics next time along with what Mary Jo sent me!!


Anonymous Jason said...

Your a talented little baby aren't you :) Good work keeping being creative. And hope your assignment is going well too :P

P.s I forgot to book my car into Kmart today, AND when I was driving home from work it randomly turned off, and wouldn't restart. Sounded like a flat battery, but then why did it start like 2 seconds earlier at work. I'm so confused. So I had to push it home lol. Oh well have fun tomorrow love you :D

9:44 pm  
Blogger olynxes said...

hi chica oOoOo got such creative things going on there. Very nice indeed. LMAO omg Jason lool was it fun?

1:18 pm  

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