Friday, December 22, 2006

3 Days til Christmas

I can't believe it is the 22nd of December. How quick has this year gone by?? It's crazy really.

Well I watched the first two parts of Lord of the Rings today. Gosh I love those movies. They're awesome!! The special effects, the acting, the scenery, the soundtrack. I love the book as well. I watched it while crafting. I tried making a christmasy singlet today. I just mucked around with my crafts.

I received my 12 Days of Christmas package last week but I can only open a present a day so I will have the photos after christmas. I also don't have a camera at the moment. Mine went weird so I have to use either Jasons and he's not here, or my parents one. And the photos don't seem to turn out as well on my parents camera.

Anyway, here are some things I made for my friends. Namely, Kristina and Laura. I basically made them identical presents for Christmas. I didn't get photos of the journal or the bought thing but here are the things I got photos of.

This is how I packaged one of the things I made. Two of these are for other friends and I got them other things. It's a bauble with some handmade earrings and a Ferero Rocher chocolate in it.

This is the bracelet I made. Laura's one is exactly the same except the photos is different. I kind of like this. I wish I put a few more things one. I like it as a decoration too. Althought the pic is a bit dark and blurry.

These are the earrings I made for Laura. Again blurry photo. Sorry couldn't help that. Plus I was in a rush. Wanted to get it all wrapped up.

And these are the earrings I made for Kris. Yes, pretty much the same just different coloured beads. But I like them. Simple but pretty. Well I hope so anyway.

This is the collage thing I made for them. I painted the canvas and then decorated it. I made the mini mask. The 'precious moment' was us together at the Young adults masquerade ball. It was so much fun by the way. And again both collages were pretty much the same. I just had different coloured shoes and the little charm in the corner was different.
My dad bought a sewing machine a few days ago. So now I can learn to sew properly. I did back in year 8 but I have forgotton most of it now. But I get two free lessons from the place that we bought the machine. Yay. Now I can learn to hem my own pants and things instead of getting it done (it costs like $16 which is a rip job).
I think thats it for now. Sigh I miss you Jase if you ever get to read this


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