Monday, December 18, 2006

Jason Leaving =(

Jason leaves on Wednesday. Sigh. So having a special christmas dinner with his fam tomorrow night. It's going to be lonely here. Sigh. I hope you have a great trip Jase! I will miss you heaps!!

Anyway, we did our last bit of christmas shopping and I'm glad its done. We also watched Eragon again =p Hehe I noticed so many more things this time. I have read quite a few comments and a lot of fans of the books didn't really like the movie. It definately had chunks of the book missing and characters weren't there either and some of the character development wasn't the best like Ajihad and Hrothgar but I still enjoyed it. I'm not a psycho fan of the books. So I will most definately buy the dvd when it comes out.

While I'm on the topic of movies I really want to get the extended Narnia dvd. But it seems like its only sold in America and Canada. So that really sux. And I can't seem to find the Eragon soundtrack anywhere. Although I checked Sanity online and it had it but I couldn't find it instore. Sigh. Lots of sighing today for various reasons. =)

Thats all from me today.

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Anonymous Jason said...

I know I'm going to miss you as well :( :( :( Sigh 3 weeks without Gracie, it's gonna be tough. AND it's worse cus I don't have mobile phone coverage there either. Sigh.

Well at least we have our Christmas tomorrow that will be fun. Presents :D But it's our last day so sad. Oh well hope your resting well now, ready for work tomorrow. Then I will see you at night time ready for Christmas :D Mwa love you xoxo

8:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Jason going to? In case you read this Jason, have a safe trip where ever you are going to :) And a nice Christmas!

11:58 pm  

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