Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Christmas

Christmas is totally over. It was this huge buildup and now its over for the year. I had a great day! It started off by going to church at about 7am. Then we had bacon and eggs for breakfast and lazed around. We then opened presents and I'll put pics and descriptions up later on. For lunch we went to my older brothers house to spend it with extended family. Lunch is always very traditional. So roast pork, chicken, turkey (from the Canadian friend), roast vegies and gravy. Yum! I only had chicken, turkey, potatos and some vegies since I'm still on this low allergy diet of mine. But I ate dessert which I'm not really meant to have but I did =p. I had plum pudding and brandy custard!! Oh yeh so good! Then we just hung out and watched some cable TV. But we watched Ice Age 2 in the afternoon.

Anyway, that night we didn't do much but we watched 'Over the Hedge.' I hadn't seen either of those movies and I bought Ice Age 2 for my lil 5 yr old nephew. All in all it was a fantastic day. I love spending it eating and being with family and remembering why there is a christmas at all. Jesus birth!

On Boxing Day I went with my brother and some of his friends to go see Happy Feet. It is such a cute movie. All this singing and dancing. And Elijah Wood played Mumble the main penguin. I have a soft spot for Elijah Wood because of Lord of the Rings. Baby Mumble was too cute! I have a little thing for penguins now. It's a great little movie.

Jason is still in Bathurst. But I was able to talk to him on the phone last night. Nearly a 2 hour convo! We don't normally speak for that long on the phone when he's here. I miss you Jason!!

Thought I'd list what I received for Christmas--->

Mum and Dad - A digital camera. Still coming and this cute little old fashioned clock. It's little and perfect for my revamped room.
My Brother Alvin - He got me this beautiful Guess necklace with a few pendants. There's a locket, a heart, a cross, and a gold circle with diamonte in the middle. It's very vintage looking. Gorgeous.He also got me a Pink Ribbon glue stick. It's kind of a inside family joke. My brothers always told me when I was younger that they would get me a little pink glue if I would do something for them. =)
My oldest Bro Rolf, Liz and the 2 boys Isaiah and Caeleb - I was given Havaiana ties for my Havi thongs (I love this type of sandle the ankle tie up), a very cute matching Calvin Klein underwear set and a Lancome juicy Tube! (Eee! Always wanted one!)
Paula and David (my brothers in laws) Some a new pretty quilt cover and pillowcase set. Woo! I needed one of those as well.
Tita Raquel (a family friend tita means aunty in filipino) - a sweet knit dress. This will be great in the cooler months. I need to get some boots and I'll wear my opaque tights with it.
Thara - She got me a hat embroidered in the Phils! its so cool and I love the colours pink and white together. She also got me this sweet little coin purse with tiny kittens on it. And these awesome stickers that I can use in my crafting =)Also she got me a $1 scratchie too bad I didn't win anything. And some chocolate of couse which didn't make the photo =P
Jenn - She got me some really, really cute Paul Frank pjs. I love them. They are too cute. Julius the monkey is adorable. Always wanted some of these!
Kristina - She told me her present was in a 'beach' theme. It was so cute. There is this gorgeous bag in dark pink with gold embroidery on it and these Kustom white thongs. Very sweet present.
Jason's mum Karen - She got me this really adorable green purse. It fits all my essential cards plus money. I wanted to get one of these too. It's from Sportsgirl. She also bought me the Pink album. =) I like her music.
Brodie and Emmi (Jase' bro and his gf) - I got another underwear set lol. This one is from French Connection. It is soooo cute! I love the set. So cute and pretty.
And Jason! - So many beautiful things. He got me this ethereal white dress. Makes me think of flowers in my hair and sitting on a tree stump in a fantasy forest. lol. He got me a beautiful beautiful Guess bag, a perspek Tinkerbell necklace from the Valley markets (I really wanted this hehe), some Witchery ankle tie thongs which had some spare ribbons (really really wanted these - I wore these to christmas lunch - thats why they're a bit dirty already eep), an original hand painted singlet from the Valley Markets (I chose this coz I thought it was pretty) and Jason drew me the loveliest picture of Tinkerbell for me. It is so precious.
I love everything I got! I'm so totally blessed by a wonderful family and friends. Oh and here's a photo from Christmas morning. It's of mum and me in front of the christmas tree and presents. The tree doesn't have that many decorations on it coz it's new this year. This was taken after church that morning.

Anyway, it had been a cold and rainy day here which is really weird for this summer season, but it is very cosy and I really like it =)

Miss you Jason! xoxo

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Anonymous Jason said...

Hey hey baby girl :D I finally got the internet :D Nice score over christmas you got some pretty cool stuff and some very cute stuff hehe ;)

And how good was the phone convo the other night :) I wish I was talking to you in person though, then I could hug and kiss you.

We went for a swim today it was sooo good :) I better have a good tan when I come back or else. And I don't think we are going into town anytime soon, so those phone messages are still waiting for me to read them.

But sigh, everyone is hovering around me, all wanting the internet while it's on, so I will have to leave. I read all your posts since I left but it takes too long for the pages to load so this will have to be my only comment.

Hopefully I can check back soon in a few days. Love you lots, missing you heaps, and see you soon :) Have fun baby girl mwa xoxo

7:50 pm  

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