Saturday, December 09, 2006

Updating on things

I'm tired from walking around everywhere. Went to the the revamped Westfield Chermside and it was awesome. There are a lot of little shops that are different to the usual ones. Did heaps of christmas shopping with Jason there. Was pretty tired by the end though.
Last night watched my little nephew 'graduate' from preschool. He will be in year 1 next year. How exciting! And today went to the Valley Markets again. I love that place. We bought a few more christmas presents (some for me =p) and after went to the local shopping centre. This too has been revamped and had some special opening. Triple M the radio station was broadcasting it. And there were two guys from the Queensland Roar team there. They were walking behind me hehe. But they are playing pretty badly, losing like 4 games in a row.

Anyway, just putting up the pics of what I sent for the 12 Days of Christmas swap. Ok here they are:
This is a pic of everything. Excuse my bed on the side. It's all messy, I didn't even make it properly.

Day12 Day 11
The pic on the left is Day 12. So there had to be12 items. I made 6 envelopes and 3 pairs of decorated bobby pins. The one to the right is Day 11. I made 5 mini cards and the chocolate has
6 pieces in it.

Day 10 Day 9
The left pic are 6 more handmade envelopes, 1 fat quarter of fabric, 1 pair of decorated bobby pins and a crochet hook. Day 9 is made up of 2 balls of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, a pair of decorated bobby pins, a scrunchie, 2 handmade christmas decorations and a handmade necklace.

Day 8 Day 7
Day 8 consists of 2 crackers that I got in a kit it had 2 handmade rings in it, 2 bars of chocolate, a handmade bracelet, a scrunchie, 1 decorated bobby pin and a headband. Day 7 had a decoupaged notebook, a handmade bracelet, a pair of decorated bobby pins, 2 balls of yarn and a handmade Mighty Boosh pin (British comedy).

Day 6 Day 5
On the left the 6 things are the pack of lolly snakes, a sharpie pen, 1 bar of apple scented soap, a headband, a handmade ring and handmade necklace. Day 5 has a photo album (I put a pic of mario and luigi coz my partner likes them), a pack of nerds, a headband and 1 matching handmade bracelet and necklace.

Day 4 Day 3
This was has a decoupaged visual diary, some starburst chews and a matching necklace and bracelet. The Day 3 is a decoupaged jewellery box, a chocolate bar and a handmade chunky bracelet.

Day 2 Day 1
Day 2 is some painted canvases. I painted the canvases but stencilled the unicorn and fairy. You can't see the fairy one that well. And for Day 1 I stencilled a top. I really like my Darth Vader stencil.
And thats the lot. I kind of got over making things after that swap so now I'm only doing bits and pieces. Looking forward to Christmas I am (hehe yoda speak)

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Anonymous Jason said...

That's a very decent swap package right there. Moh makes me sad that I won't be spending christmas here this year. Sigh oh well. Nice crafting as always you've done an excepional job :) Love you baby

2:17 pm  

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