Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Back Home

Well I'm back. I have been for a few days. My Sydney trip was pretty awesome! It went by so fast. It feels weird being home in a way. Like I had never left.
Anyway, I went to work today. The first time in nearly a month. It was so hot and sweaty and gross. I guess thats what we get for being in summer with high humidity.
Here's one photo from Sydney. I can't be bothered to put more. This was at the wedding reception. That was the reason I went down with my parents. It was a gorgeous wedding. I might put more up later. I also got my haircut but it probly won't be noticable. More next time

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Blogger Jason said...

What a beautiful girl. I'm lucky nobody tried to marry you while you were down there :P Good to have you back beautiful, love you xoxo

2:19 pm  
Anonymous Tita Margot said...

Happy Birthday!!!

From all the Cabreras

1:12 pm  

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