Saturday, February 10, 2007


Today I have been cleaning out the study and the top of my wardrobe to make room for my over flowing room. It has been quite tiring going through things and going up and down the stairs with items. But it is looking better and I think I will try painting the study sometime soon before I go back to uni. Thats in about 2 weeks eep!

Anyway I thought I would show what I received for my bday. There will some things that I can't show because I haven't uploaded them onto the computer. So here they are:

This is what I received from Jason. My lovely Mombasa dress that I love, some awesome dance sneakers! yay!, the sweetest and cutest ballet flats!, a Narnia musical biscuit tin (hehe!) and he made me a cute little bookmark. All in all a fantastic present.

This is what I received from my oldest bro, sis in law and the 2 boys. I got a Shiseido skincare pack, Shiseido blotting paper (I needed this stuff too!), a cute strawberry printed belt, a sweet little pink necklace and my adorable nephew Isaiah made me this little green bead bracelet!!

I received this one from Jenn. She got me an awesome Crabtree and Evelyn travel pack which contains a mini lotion, body wash, hand lotion and soap all in a little drawstring bag. This is great for my trip to the philippines at the end of this year. The other thing is a glass latern which I used at my bday party. It's soo pretty with the glass pattern looking like vintage wall paper and white top and bottom. And she also gave me a pink candle that is meant for the latern but I used a different candle on the night as I wanted to take a photo before it was used =).

This next present was from Kristina. It's a lovely Puma woman gift set. It has body wash, body lotion and an Eu De Toilette in it. It smells so fresh and florally. It's gorgeous.

And this present is from Laura. She made me a mixed cd which unfortunately doesn't work but the cover art and everything about it is soo lovely! She got me a beautiful black photo frame which is just gorgeous. A beautiful wrought iron jewellery holder shoe. An awesome book about making handcrafted things. She put in a few red heart lolly pops and she made me a bday greeting that she created and printed for me. It's all so beautiful!

I wasn't able to show my parents present because it is the digi camera and there is a sweet necklace but I don't think I have taken a photo yet. The present from my other brother which is an Extended edition of Narnia bought via Amazon because we can't get it here. Something from Thara which I can't really put a photo of =p and the one from Brodie and Emmi. They are coming. Or the one from Jason's mum. It's all coming soon.

Anyway, I received such lovely things and my friends are gorgeous girls! The photos do not give them justice I'm still learning how to play around with my camera.

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Anonymous Jason said...

Nice haul of presents baby girl :) You did very well. Just wait until tomorrow when you get your Valentines day present. Then you can take more photos and put them up! Yay!

Well don't have much time to type, seriously your present is taking ages to make. Hope you're good mwa love you xoxo

10:23 pm  
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