Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Post bday weekend

My bday and everything to do with it is all finished! On my actual birthday Jason and I went to Chermside to look and we had lunch at Wagamamas. One of my new fave resturants. Most of the day was quite casual and we pretty much just chilled. Then at night my family and I had take out for dinner. So it was laid back and casual.

Then on friday night, Jason and I met with Laura and Josh to have dinner at Toscanis. We then watched 'The Holiday.' It was great! I loved it. The last movie I watched was in Sydney and it was Apocolypto. That movie had an awesome story line but very gory. I still loved it despite the goryness.

Laura stayed over and the next day we bummed around until Jason and Jenn came. We decorated and set up my yard for my little bday butterfly tea party =). I wanted to have something with just a few girls.

It was so much fun just hanging out with them, talking, laughing, eating and everything. It was a fantastic night!!

Here are a few photos. Laura took heaps with her awesome fancy camera so I'm waiting for them. But here are a few from mine.
It's not super clear. This was after the eating so you can't see the lovely set up we did. These are the lovely cupcakes that my parents bought from the Greenflea Markets in West End. They are beautiful and taste heavenly. I'm a huge fan!
This is the little box I used as my thank you for coming present. I just bought one of those cheap look a like chinese take away boxes and decorated it. Another blurry pic. What's with me and blurry pics?? Anyway, that is the pink version of a necklace I made for the girls. This is the purple version of the necklace I made for them.
And these are the tiny teacups and saucers I used to out little earrings in. I put the butterflies on them. And these are the pairs of earrings I made. I love making things for people.

There are other pics I will put up another time. xox

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Anonymous Jason said...

It was a very pretty looking party with all the balloons and butterflys hanging aroud everywhere. And I must say that all you girls looked pretty dam good that night as well ;) But of course you were the most beautiful one :)

The night was fun, I got to play the Wii instead of hang with the girls but thats ok. The cup cakes you bought were so yum and filling.. mm I could go one right about now actually.

Well hope you're well love you lots mwa xoxox buh bye :D

8:22 pm  

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